Making of Tron

Ten24 Tron Evolution character Model

The main character model for this project was created using the game model for reference. Obviously it was very low polygon so our job was to up res the model cutting in all the panel lines and little details as well as creating a new set of 4096 x 4096 textures



Here you can see a few wireframe screen grabs of the completed high res model 

Although the model was only intended for static renders it still had do be rigged and posed so clean topology was the order of the day 




This is a quick example of the low resolution game head compared to the high resolution sub divided model

The model was UV mapped using Lightwaves PLG tools. perfect for unwrapping organic object. 

Nice square, even UVs 


Texture maps were painted using Photoshop at 4096 x 4096 with seperate maps for the torso arms and legs, split into Colour, Spec, Gloss, Bump, Luminosity and Normal maps 

The render at the top of the page was created using Lightwave 3D. The scene setup was fairly simple using a very basic studio model and some area lights with reflectors positioned behind them..

Ten24 Tron Evolution character Model

The resulting lightwave render (render time using Fprime 2 minutes)






A close up render of the chest plate with the high res textures applied..


This render was created by the very talented artists at Axis Animation and is used on the box cover for the game.