The Dark art of colour structured light scanning

The Dark art of colour structured light scanning
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Were always looking for new and exciting ways to develop the scanning equipment that we have here at ten24. This model represents a combination scan using both Structured light (Artec) and Photogrammetry (18 Camera AGI rig)

Full Body Scan Full Body Scan

The first Step is to scan the model (Ryan Terry) using our Artec hand held scanner, This provides us with an incredibly clean high resolution mesh shown above

Full Body Scan  Full Body Scan

A second scan is then performed using out 18 camera photogrammetry rig, and whilst it does capture a lot of geometric detail such a small number of cameras means it still lags behind the artec in terms of outright quality. It does however capture hugely high resolution texture maps.

Full Body Scan

Unfortunately we are not going to go into the process of how we exactly align the two meshes but its a lot of work and definitely does not rely on non rigid alignment as some people have speculated. After the we take the model into zbrush and do a quick Qremesh using guide splines. Raw scan data is very hard to work with and re-meshing it with rough topology makes it much easier to edit.

Full Body Scan

As you can see from the above image the topology is by no means animation ready but for clean-up purposes its much better than 4million triangles.

Full Body Scan

The mesh is split into poly-groups and UV’d ready for projection

Full Body scan

Once the mesh is finalised Its imported back into AGI and the high res textures are applied to the new UV’d model

Full Body Scan

Projected UV map

Full Body Scan

Final touch up and seam editing is done using body paint.

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  1. Alex says:

    Very nice work. I do not understand the relation between more cameras and shutter speed. Please enlighten me.

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