Free 3D skull model

Free 3D skull model
10 months, 4 weeks ago 4
Posted in: 3D scanning

We have recently uploaded a very cool high resolution 3d Scan of a skull to the Scan-Store which you can download for free and use as you see fit. I think I’m right is saying it probably the the first time this sort of data has been freely available and makes for great anatomical reference. Enjoy!

Download here


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4 Responses

  1. Med student says:

    If this works, I love you. It’s really difficult to visualise certain structures of the skull if you don’t have one at hand, and this program may just save me. So thanks :D a lot!

  2. ANTON says:


  3. vyur says:

    LINK BROKEN!!!!!

  4. Mr White says:

    Balls to that mate! You either put it up for free or not a all. I am not buying anything just to get the skull for free. I will get it of another source and upload it to some forums instead! Burp!

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